2008-06-03 21:04:31 by VicTheRapper

It seems like a lot of people on this site never heard of it.
I was being sarcastic when I made My Banner.
I don't really want You to rate my songs 0's before listening to them.
I just figured I might as well site that because it seems like alot of people do anyways.
So, If you think my songs deserve more then a zero from now on please rate them what you think they deserve. Thanks in Advance.



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2008-06-18 15:14:05

lol, people on this site are stupid.


2008-07-13 19:52:34

yep, really fuckin stupid. I saw the reviews, that's pathetic...what the hell was he doing reviewing your song if he didn't like rap anyway...

You still uploadin your music on this site? Looking forward to your next song...


2008-07-17 23:44:56

New song's hot, and that dipshit who left that review sayin you couldn't rap...he can, as you said, EAT A DICK. lol honestly I dont understand why people are hatin on you. you've got serious talent, in my opinion.