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Hello Newgrounds.

2008-02-22 00:22:13 by VicTheRapper

Hello Newgrounds,

I just wanted to say I appreciate all the listens and voting on my songs. If you leave a review on my song then I will return the favor. I also would like to say I can't stand how My songs will be getting a perfect rating and then someone will just come along and rate it a zero out of nowhere bringing its average score way down. I'm not against constructive criticism but I am against just random votes. So, If you feel like one of My songs deserves a zero thats ok everybody is entitled to there own opinion but I would really appreciate if you left a review with what I can improve to make my next song not a "zero." Thank You.



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2008-03-04 14:43:39


VicTheRapper responds:

Thanks for the comment I appreciate it.


2008-03-04 23:07:41

LOL, those fags are called "zero-bombers", theyre just people who have nothing better to do. Don't let them get u down :]

VicTheRapper responds:

I don't let them bother Me I really appreciate the comment though thank you.


2008-03-04 23:25:02

I agree with lucid08, zero bombers are ruing the hip hop section. Look over at techno, the highest ratings are in the 4.50's and hip hop's are in the 4.30 max. A tip for you though, DON'T START SHIT WITH OTHERS! I'm not saying you are but just keep that in mind. Because if you do, they're probably going to zero bomb all your music.

VicTheRapper responds:

Thanks alot for the comment and yeah I don't start shit with anybody on the internet if you want to give my music a zero thats cool.

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