New Myspace

2009-12-25 21:25:36 by VicTheRapper

my new myspace link is Please add Me.


2008-07-22 20:39:19 by VicTheRapper

I just began this Myspace shit.
So If you like My songs please Add Me as a friend and Make sure to leave a message telling Me that you heard Me that your from to assure that I will definitely comment you.

My Myspace URL is

I would greatly appreciate You takin the time to add Me as a Friend thanks in Advance.


2008-06-03 21:04:31 by VicTheRapper

It seems like a lot of people on this site never heard of it.
I was being sarcastic when I made My Banner.
I don't really want You to rate my songs 0's before listening to them.
I just figured I might as well site that because it seems like alot of people do anyways.
So, If you think my songs deserve more then a zero from now on please rate them what you think they deserve. Thanks in Advance.


New Banner.

2008-05-15 18:25:37 by VicTheRapper

Make sure you read it before you vote on my songs. Thanks Again!

Hello Newgrounds.

2008-02-22 00:22:13 by VicTheRapper

Hello Newgrounds,

I just wanted to say I appreciate all the listens and voting on my songs. If you leave a review on my song then I will return the favor. I also would like to say I can't stand how My songs will be getting a perfect rating and then someone will just come along and rate it a zero out of nowhere bringing its average score way down. I'm not against constructive criticism but I am against just random votes. So, If you feel like one of My songs deserves a zero thats ok everybody is entitled to there own opinion but I would really appreciate if you left a review with what I can improve to make my next song not a "zero." Thank You.